Slow it Down

It’s been a little over three weeks since my last post, but with good reason. My last post was a meaningful one for the world today, and I wanted to give it room and time to resonate or marinate in people’s minds before writing again. I also don’t like to force new posts if they’re disingenuous because that hurts the authenticity of what I believe. These last few weeks have been very overwhelming to watch newscasts and stay up to date with all of the information in the world, as well. Anything that I have had to say is nowhere near as important as some other educational resources right now, so I’ve given it some time before deciding to post again.

As we transition into the changing times and lifestyles that 2020 has ushered in, handfuls of people feel increasingly overwhelmed. I wouldn’t say this year has been particularly easy on anybody. So how can we take all of the world’s stress and control it in our lives? Just slow down.

There are so many anxiety filled prompts of conversation and news…

Is there now a second COVID-19 wave? Will colleges go back in the fall? What if I lose my job? Will team sports be played? How can I help social justice change? When can I stop wearing this mask? When can I see grandma? What does defund the police mean? Who should I vote for? Should we go on vacation? …and on and on.

These are times unlike any of us of any generations have ever seen. All of the stressors and confusion that we personally feel are likely being felt by the other people we come across nowadays.

Just a week or two ago I was waiting outside of a local bagel shop doing online orders only. As people showed up to hear their name called out of the window, their impatience grew with time. “When’s my order up?” “It’s been 45 minutes!” “I have somewhere to be,” people started speaking up one by one. It was embarrassing to watch. There was so much self-centered concern that nobody is paying any mind to how obscure this adjustment is for the workers and cooks serving us. I’ve seen these patterns frequently in today’s world, and we as a people have to become better at managing these emotions.

So, the two things to help you with both your personal stress and dealing with the newfound stressful habits of others are your attitude and your effort. Slow down and apply the necessary attitude and effort to making your world the best it can be. I use the term ‘your world’ there because as badly as any of us want to, we cannot control ‘the world.’ All we have is control over are ourselves, and potentially a select few close companions around us.

The world needs kindness, compassion and love. Not just right now, but always. When we turn on the news or rummage through social media, we find both examples of and reasons to abandon the kindness and empathy that the world needs. It can be discouraging, but it shouldn’t be. This mainstream portrayal of the world is not actually your personal world. How other people choose to act shouldn’t deter you from your own moral compass. Therefore, your attitude is under your control, and you have the ability to be a positive impact in your world.

If enough people slowed down, thought about it, and put the effort in, the world would be a beautiful place in totality. If everyone focused on their attitude, their kindness, their character, and their effort to become a consistent positive force.

Don’t worry about that person who didn’t hold the door for you, but instead personally focus on always holding the door for other people. Don’t let the woman yelling about how long her bagel is taking inspire you to inquire about when yours will be ready, but instead tip the carry out workers a dollar or two more for their service.

If we all chose to put effort into positive attitudes, our character and unity as a community would exponentially increase. Obviously that’s an idealistic thought, so here is where discipline comes into play. Just because you don’t have the faith in other people to always be kind or compassionate does not mean that you should compromise your ability to always be a source of love and positivity yourself. Don’t be discouraged by the shortcomings of others.

By no means do I have the reach to change everyone in the world, but I really do believe that if I can change one person’s perspective on the world, I’m fulfilling the goal of this blog. Often times we do need to slow down and take things one day at a time as they come. Being our best selves moment by moment and worrying about only what we can control helps to alleviate so much stress. It’s what we baseball fellas call “living pitch by pitch.”

Slow life down and take control of your attitude and effort.

Stay positive, stay healthy, stay educated, stay faithful, and stay kind.

Until next time, with love…


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