Best Belief

It’s great to have the opportunity to be back and writing again. It has been a month and some change since my last post, because since then a lot of life has happened.

I’ve always said I’d never force posts if they didn’t feel right, or if they weren’t genuinely applicable to my life. I’ve been holding on to certain ideas and fragments of a post for the last few weeks, but haven’t had the one keystone point to help me put all of my thoughts together.

As I sit on the bus this afternoon on a 12 hour ride to Georgia Southern, I found it to be time to dive back into it all.

The past few weeks have brought me all sorts of emotions that come with being a student-athlete. The season has started, but not for me, as I’ve been rehabbing a pulled hamstring for the past three and a half weeks. The Lenten season is upon us Catholic folks, which has once again drawn me closer to my faith in a time of need. Then, the typical ins and outs of every day that still need my focus… the school work, the relationships, the time management, the sleep, the diet, etc.

So, as I balance these things and learn about myself, I’ve looked for ways to come here and talk about it. On Monday night in a small group with my teammates and mentors, we were reading over Chapter 5 of the Gospel of John in which Jesus continues to declare that he is the Son of God. In that discussion, the point was made that these are just words until there are people that truly believe. That belief is what provides us both clarity and reason.

For me, that belief is what I need to get through something like a hamstring pull. I have to show up to rehab every day with the belief in my trainers that we are doing the right things to feel better. For a team that is off to a slow start, that belief provides reason to show up and compete in the remaining 49 games a season holds. That belief gives us as humans something to strive for in the future. That belief is the basis of faith.

Some people refer to this as “Trusting the Process” or “Process over Outcome,” but from a faith standpoint, I like the word belief. It is with belief that we can put together an image or an end goal of how we want things to be. And, therefore, it is that belief that motivates us to do the little things every day that it takes to accomplish that end goal.

With Easter approaching, we emphasize the belief that Jesus’ death and resurrection opens up Heaven to us all. It is that belief that motivates us to be good people, apologize when we are wrong, seek understanding of the Bible, and fear God and His works. Without our belief, everything that is written or said about Easter and Heaven and reaching all of that glory… are simply just words.

So, that brings me to ask you how you can take this belief and apply it to a process in your life. What are end goals that you see for yourself? And do you believe in them enough to seek daily action to accomplish them? Really any process in life is fueled by our belief of how we see things or want things to be for ourselves, our friends, and our families. The corresponding actions throughout these processes deal with faith, education, character, sacrifice, and discipline… and there’s the application to the Super 8.

I once again make the conclusion that anything we as people do, or strive to do, can be directly tied to these eight values that I have had the pride to express to you.

I hope that as our season chugs along, I continue to find the time to learn about life for myself and share with you all. I’m sorry I’ve fallen into more of an inconsistent schedule, but I’m still here!

Go Tigers. Talk soon.


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