My name is Bryce, and this is my blog. There’s no easy or smooth way to introduce myself so let’s just get right into it. Most importantly, I’m a son to two of the most influential and caring people on the planet. I’m also a brother to Kyle, who has 2 inches on me despite being 2 years younger. Additionally, I’m a follower of God, Roman Catholic specifically, but religion can be a touchy subject so I don’t need to get into that.

The other pieces of my identity are what’s dragged me into blogging. I’m a Division 1 student-athlete playing baseball at Towson University, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. I started my collegiate career at Radford University in Radford, Virginia, then transferred out after one season. Radford’s in southwest Virginia, because admit it, you have no idea where that is. People always ask.

I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic. People have a lot of questions about that, too. I was diagnosed in November of 2018 as a 17 year-old, so it was definitely an unexpected change, and it’s still pretty new to me.

I’ve obviously decided to start a blog because I feel I have a lot to offer the world. You always see blogs about faith, or athletics, or family, or being diabetic, or whatever else. But, this is none of those things, yet somehow, all of those things.

That’s the main focus of what this website is. To share perspectives based in these Super 8 values. We all have different parts of our lives and our identities that we are and experience, and we don’t always understand what we all individually go through, but we can relate to these eight commonalities to understand and teach each other how to be stronger in these values… because they apply to our lives in similar yet different ways.

Therefore, this blog is not FOR any one specific demographic of people. Nothing in life should be. As I said, we all carry different skills, perspectives, and experiences. We should never be defined by one thing. I want to take everything I’ve learned through my young life, and share my perspectives to create a positive impact on people like you.

I wanted to center this blog around my entire life… and yours too. More specifically, the “Super 8” core ethics of life.

“The Super 8” core values of life – to me – are God, prayer, faith, family, education, sacrifice, character and discipline. I believe that through all life has to offer, if you stay true to these values, your lifestyle becomes consistent.

I also created this website and blog because I’m sick of the same social media mold. Exchanging follows with people you don’t know, trying to impress everyone, counting likes, all of it is silly. I wanted to change the standard and create a place where I can reach people who care about the real stuff that life offers, good, bad, or ugly. I’m looking forward to sharing so many things with you.

So, thank you for coming to check this out. I hope I can give you perspectives that you’ve never seen. I hope I can help you out in times that you are down. I hope that we can celebrate the goodness of life together. I hope I can keep you coming back.

Let’s make life Gr8.

— Bryce A. Frederick

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