The Super 8

Welcome to my first post on my new website. It’s pretty surreal. A lot of people have asked me why I’ve decided to do this. This all has nothing to do with views, or clout, or being cool. It has to do with impacting peoples’ lives, especially the people interested enough to read my posts. It’s also an effort to be more transparent with the people in my life without having to follow a certain format of traditional social media. If I can touch one person one post at a time, I’ll be proud of the slight change I’ve instilled in the world. So, I’m thankful that you’ve made it here and I’m excited for our journey ahead.

The easiest way to start this is by breaking down what “The Super 8” means to me, and how I hope to build an entire blog around it. This is the best place to start so that we are all on the same page. These are the values and ethics of life that can help you and I create consistency in our lives. I’ll remind you of “The Super 8” and then we’ll jump right in:

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