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The Super 8 Story Series Collection

We shared your stories of how the Super 8 has been present in your life. All of your unique experiences and perspectives can be found here for other readers to learn, love and appreciate. Head over to the Contact page if you have a story you’d like to share. Fresh perspectives are always welcome.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

This is the first story of eight for our Super 8 Stories Series. Tonight’s account comes from a very talented baseball player, but an even more compassionate human being. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Max through the baseball community, and have always been impressed with his view of the world and how he strives to make it better. Maxwell’s writings focus on discipline, because it took his own discipline for him toContinue reading “Chop Wood, Carry Water”

Communicating the Super 8

For the second story of this series, Nina Gayleard volunteered to take us through how faith, family, sacrifice and discipline have impacted her path into the ‘real world.’ There’s not much more to introduce about Nina, she does it all and explains it beautifully. Enjoy… “I tried to think of an interesting way to introduce the fact that I am a master’s student studying Communication Management at Towson University, but this will have to do.Continue reading “Communicating the Super 8”

Logan Love

I wanted to put this third story out earlier in the day today to give it enough time to resonate. I think it’s the most detailed and impactful account so far. When I created this week-long initiative, I did so with people like Lauren in mind. Lauren Miceli is my oldest first cousin, and she stepped up to tell us a story that I genuinely believe to encapsulate all eight values. Here is her beautifulContinue reading “Logan Love”

Life is a Journey

Today’s fourth story comes out right after 8:00 where our fourth guest is living out in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a summarized life story of how Steve Ross learned to reach self-actualization. Just as he has always been supportive of me and my career, he is one of my favorites. His CD is always in my car player, and now his story is on my blog. Enjoy… “I’ve got a question for you. Are youContinue reading “Life is a Journey”

Trust is a Must

For the fifth story I heard from the legendary Shea Swingle. She is truly exactly how she describes herself here, as the ‘responsible one.’ Shea welcomed me to Radford originally with open arms, and I quickly got to learn what made her such a positive force amongst her peers. Since graduating, Shea has been pursuing a Masters Degree in speech pathology in George Washington’s graduate program. The Northern Virginia native spoke on trust for us,Continue reading “Trust is a Must”

The Wolfpack

Tonight, story six, is one I didn’t expect. When I sent my high school baseball coach, Ryan Wolfsheimer (Coach Wolf), the scoop for doing a story, I didn’t even think about this piece of his life. But I certainly remember it vividly. As much of a figure Coach Wolf is in the community, people don’t always realize the humane side of such figures. We all go through spurts of time that we can’t control, butContinue reading “The Wolfpack”

Mama’s Boy

This post is especially cool to me. Earlier this week, Matt Marino, a friend of nearly seven years, reached out to me asking me why I started this. He asked me what my purposes and intents are, and as I explained to him, he really appreciated my goals, and felt compelled enough to share a story within the week. I have a special respect for Matt and I’ve always been aware of and admiring ofContinue reading “Mama’s Boy”

Defeating the Stigma

The eighth and final install of this series comes from somebody I never played with, but have been close to. Spencer Horwitz has always been a great resource for me, and I’m glad he opened up about his experiences. Here is the last piece of what has been an incredible series… “Growing up I was fortunate enough to attend a local private Episcopalian high school that was viewed as one of the top schools inContinue reading “Defeating the Stigma”

Darren Waller on ‘The Super 8’

I first met Darren almost five years ago, in the fall after he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 6th round (204th overall) of the 2015 NFL Draft as a wide receiver out of Georgia Tech. We exchanged information and he eventually sent me, a bright eyed 14 year old, his game cleats from his rookie season. Little did I know how our lives after that year would play out. For those thatContinue reading “Darren Waller on ‘The Super 8’”

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