God Wins (Part II)

After a three-month hiatus, I’m finally back to sitting down and working on a new piece. Almost exactly a year ago, I collected some thoughts about dealing with the stressors and uncertainties of change in ‘God Wins’: https://thesuper8.blog/2020/11/04/god-wins/

In a majority of my posts since, I’ve worked through the concepts of faith and mental health, dealing with the anxieties of the unknown, and comprehending change. I often times suggest that I write out of my own emotions and needs, and I think I’ve put together some evergreen writings that even I refer back to when needed.

I’ve even learned of some individuals who really appreciate these writings on a personal level; I see and hear you. I appreciate you. In my world, I feel very content and accomplished when I look back over the previous year and how I’ve grown, and I hope you do, too. But I’d like to remind you that we are not in complete control.

When I originally started this site, I had a handful of motivating factors, with one being that “I wanted to change the standard and create a place where I can reach people who care about the real stuff that life offers, good, bad, or ugly.” I think I’ve focused so much on the prospects of overcoming the struggles that I haven’t taken enough time to celebrate the goodness, and that’s what I plan on doing here today.

Another motivating factor was the ability that my words would have to keep me in touch with people I don’t get to see as often as I used to. Coming off the paranoia of the pandemic, the tendencies of change, and the increasingly busy schedules we all share, I think it’s fair to spend some time reviewing the last couple months before I keep moving forward.

Before I start talking about myself, I want to refer back to one of my first posts about consistency. I expressed the need to guard your success:

The same thing applies for the amazing days. If everything is going right, and you feel like you can walk on water, take a step back and level yourself. If you make it obvious to the world that you’re having one of your better days, they’ll take notice.

In turn, your average or bad days will eventually be evident once your overwhelming excitement disappears. Again, celebrate your triumphs with those closest to you, because nobody else really cares. Your successes, promotions, winnings, etc. create envy in people around you.

Consistency, 2/6/2020

I still live by these ideas, and I learned a lot of it naturally from my parents. My brother and I were pretty fortunate to be blessed with an array of talents and abilities in our lives, but we always celebrated those accomplishments together without looking for any validation from outsiders. I feel a lot of comfort and pride in where I currently find myself, but I’m mostly thankful that when I’ve needed my faith the most, it’s been proven that God Wins.

In these last three months we have been back in the classroom with the shades of the pandemic slowly slipping away on campus due to the high vaccination rate. Ball has been a complete grind and is starting to slowly wind down as we head into the holiday breaks. My daily ins and outs are as normal as can be. Obviously, my focus has been on these two things because there aren’t too many chances to sit down and write when your days tend to resemble this:

  • 7am breakfast
  • 8am-9am lift
  • 9:30am-12:15pm class time
  • 12:45pm-1:15pm body treatment
  • 1:30pm-4:30pm practice
  • 5pm-6:15pm class time
  • Dinner
  • Extras: study hall, Bible study, meetings, homework, etc.

I’ve also gotten to submerge myself into the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) world, which I originally wrote in favor of here: https://thesuper8.blog/2020/05/21/level-the-paying-field/

This means that I’ve been able to work with a pretty formidable list of companies, listed below with some perks for you:

There are some more deals and terms developing, but being able to partner with some nationally recognized names has been awfully humbling. It’s provided us with some new avenues to make money without there really being any time for a job in our schedules. Plus, I’ve had these thoughts and ideas about a new post bouncing around in my brain for two months now, but obviously no time to sit down and express them.

On the field, I feel pretty good. My mental and physical health are intact, and there’s a buzz surrounding the program that makes it feel like there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon. My relationships have grown stronger, especially with realizations that any of this can be taken from me at any second. I’ve tried to tell people I love them a little bit more. Overall, I feel like I’m in a very good place, but that is exactly how I’d relate this to my first ‘God Wins’ post a year ago.

If you recall or reread the original post, I really stressed the idea that God gives us adversity to free us from the illusion that we are in control instead of Him. That is the main reason to trust Him when things don’t feel like they’re going our way. But, when things are going our way, how soon are we to forget this?

It’s so easy to feel good about yourself and give yourself credit when things are going smoothly and then shell out blame to everyone else when things are not. It’s so easy. That’s the epitome of self-serving bias. How often can you look around and be thankful for the people around you? How often can you look up and thank God? He told you He’s a winner. He told you He has this all figured out. Don’t claim His success as yours if you blame your shortcomings on Him. That’s the flip side of this coin.

When I was shocked with change and adversity and difficulties in my personal life, I would remind myself that God Wins, out loud. When I have found myself comfortable, confident, and prideful, I have to say the same to myself… God Wins.

That creates balance. I have an innate feeling to me; I’ve carried it with me all my life. I have always felt that when things are consistently rolling and everything seems as ideal as it can be, a storm is coming. I don’t know why but I’ve always been that way. It feels like as soon as you forget the Lord or as soon as you take these blessings for granted, He will send you a message to snap you back to shape.

Take some time to say thank you to the powers that be. Take some time to say thank you to the people you share life with. We are never, ever solely in control.

In good and in bad, I have always found it to reign true that God Wins.

As we enter the holiday season, I will have the time and freedom to continue to express my thoughts. This is the best time of year to write because it feels like everyone’s minds suddenly become more receptive to faith and family. If there’s one overarching theme that I want to carry into the holiday season with the Super 8 this year, it’s celebration.

Be thankful and celebrate.



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